Sirius Security - Alarm response, security patrol and on-site security in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Do you provide On-site Security
Yes, we have a large employee base and are able to provide you with the necessary staff on site whether it's for a festival or to guard your equipment over night. Our clients often consult with us as to the necessity for a guard or the amount of guards necessary to provide a safe environment.
We own an apartment block there is damage in the halls and stairwells we've looked into cameras but find a system to expensive for our current budget what sort of service can you offer us
We currently do rounds by foot in over a half a dozen apartment buildings here in Whitehorse. Our clients have seen a huge decrease in damage, graffiti, and parties. Due to our incident reports, landlords have been able to evict many individuals with paper proof. Whereas before it was more difficult as it was based off of tenant complaints.
You are based here in Whitehorse, are you available to work elsewhere in the territory
Yes, in the past we have worked all over the Yukon and Northern BC. We are available for Mines, Exploration Camps, Festivals, Movies, & Emergencies.
What do I need to do here in the Yukon to become a security guard
You must pass a level 4 criminal background check
You must submit your finger prints
After the following has been done and you have been cleared, you will be eligible for a Yukon security license
What sort of qualifications do you require of your staff
A Yukon security guard license
Periodic mandatory drug testing
A valid First Aid certificate
Self defence courses
A class 5 driver's license
A clean driver's abstract
Completion of the BST #1 online course
What training do you provide your staff
We require our staff to have a first aid certificate
We require "the Basic Security Training #1" course to be taken online
Non violent crisis intervention
Aikido training
Prevention & management of assaultive behaviour
Do you handle any Private Investigators contracts
No, at present we do not. The demand for this service is minimal, and to branch out would require highly trained individuals, separate licensing, etc.
Do you offer any other services not found on your website
We pride ourselves in being adaptable and flexible in order to meet our clients' needs. Contact us to discuss any questions you may have and we will do our best to create the right plan for you.
Who founded Sirius Security and when
Sonny Gray founded Sirius Security in May of 2007.
How much do you charge
Residential alarm response: $250 Annual Rate + $100/Alarm call
Commercial alarm response: $500 Annual Rate + $100/Alarm call
On-Site/Patrol: As each company and individual has different security needs, we do not have "cut-and-dry" rates that apply to our mobile or on-site patrol services. Contact us to organize a meeting and walkthrough so we can customize both a plan and price quote to suit your needs.
How do I contact you
Please follow this link to our Contact page.
Do you install security alarm systems
No, we currently do not install alarm systems. Whitehorse currently has a number of qualified companies which install systems. As they currently offer proper service and maintenance, we find it unnecessary to expand into that market.
What is your response time to alarm calls
Dependant on where in the city you are located, our response time can be as little as five minutes! We are currently concentrated in the downtown area with our reach extending as far as Porter Creek, Copper Ridge, & Riverdale.
What type of insurance does Sirius Security carry to protect me from liability
Sirius Security currently holds a $5000000.00 Liability Insurance required of us by the federal government in order to provide them with service. We are also bonded.
What happens if my alarm system calls you more than once in one night, how much will I be charged
You will only be charged for the initial alarm response call in a 12-hour period. It occasionally happens that an alarm call is a false one due to a faulty or over sensitive system we understand this and would never overcharge a client for something that is out of their control.
You respond to alarm calls; do you have a monitoring station here in the Yukon
No, we do not have a monitoring station here in the Yukon. Monitoring stations are the responsibility of the alarm system installers and, at present, they are all located down South.
Do you provide residential service on a temporary, short-term basis
We absolutely do. Very often we have clients who leave the Yukon on vacation, business, etc. During the winter, we are trusted to keep watch on the household in terms of security from theft & also security from damage (plumbing freezing, furnace breaking, water leaks, etc.)
I'm paying a much greater amount per month to have a guard walk around /sit in front of my business. How can your security patrols cost less
You may have a "dedicated" guard, whose only job is to watch your property and you pay 100% of the cost. Our security patrols travel from client location to client location, spreading the cost out among all of the clients.
What can you do about Graffiti on my property
We realize over the past couple of years that this has been an escalating issue and in true form we have stepped up to the occasion. We offer a guarantee on our patrol. Hire us to check on your business and should you be targeted we cover the cost of removal. Should your business be repeatedly graffitied while under our care we guarantee we will make the necessary endeavours to collar the individuals.