Security patrol in downtown Whitehorse and surrounding areas, Yukon Territory
These clients trust Sirius Security for their security needs:

  • Elijah Smith building
  • Ocean & Fisheries Canada (2 locations)
  • Copper Ridge Place
  • Kontiki Apartment buildings (5 locations)
  • dozens of temporary and seasonal sites
Vehicle patrols   in the downtown core and surrounding suburbs

Throughout the night, our units patrol the city, locking up buildings, responding to alarms, checking lots, apartment complexes, commerces, etc.

These units are made flexible to suit the client's needs. You choose how many rounds, whether they are internal or external, locking up or simply driving by. Our security patrol units create presence and communicate with the authorities and other community groups regularly.

Whether you are trying to cut down on vandalism, loitering or theft, or need us to periodically check on equipment, our security patrol units are an asset to protecting any business:

  • Parking lots
  • Business exteriors
  • Building checks, walkthroughs & lock-ups
  • Federal buildings
  • Temporary structures (tents, etc.)
  • Apartment complexes
  • Residential homes (vacations, etc.)